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All of the pictures on this page were found on the Internet. To save any of them to your files, right click on it and then go down to save image. Any links back to my page is appreciated!! This page will take a bit to download, but it is worth it!!! There are backgrounds, lines, and borders at the bottom of the page...Enjoy!!!!!!


  Our Mother and Baby Jesus



  The crowning of Our Mother



  The Sacred Heart of Jesus




  These pictures are at the top of my links page



  Beautiful, isn't she? My Favorite!



  Mary of the Miraculous Medal




  The Rosary is a wonderful prayer




  Our Mother and Jesus




  Absolutely beautiful!!!!



Our Lady of Guadeloupe



  Wonderful Picture





Some other pictures and animated Gifs...







Borders and Backgrounds


 pink, woven tile


bumps tile


  flower tile


  tile...not quite sure of a name for it....


basilica rose tile



  flower tile



Dove border



 Stained Glass Cross Border


cross border


 eucalyptus border


  angel Border and background


 clouds border



Lines and buttons


 rainbow line


 rose button


 stained glass line


 smiley line




 Row of pebbles


  Autumn leaves



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