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All of the links on this page are wonderful sites, some are organizations, and some are personal web pages. If you would like your site listed here, email me and I will visit you and add your link!!!


Mother Angelica and EWTN

Catholic Answers and Pamphlets

An Introduction to the Catholic Church

Millennium Celebrations ~~ Jubilee 2000

The Holy See (The Vatican)

Lots of Christian and Catholic Links

Gregorian Chant Home Page

Catholic Internet Directory

(Can be Downloaded for Offline Use)

Catholics United For Life

(A Pro-Life Organization)

National Right to Life


Operation Rescue West


Priests For Life


Creeds of the Catholic Church

(Great Site!! They have an interactive Bible also!!)

The Searchable Scripture

The Mass

Catholic Goldmine

(Everything you can think of here)

Get Your Free Copy of "Wonders of The Holy Name"

(Describes how the name of Jesus can be a prayer)

St. Michael's Spiritual World

(I especially like this one)

Roman Express

Catholic Information Center

Wonderful Rosary Site

(excellent explanation and prayers)

Kathie's Graphics

3 Crosses Graphics




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