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Long ago, there was a chaotic evil clan that went by the name Ravage. They were focused on wreaking havoc and spreading chaos and destruction throughout the realm of Eden. Little is known about this clan of bloodthirsty savages. They sunk into a depression after the loss of thier leader, and fell silent for many years. They were seen after a long period of silence, doing good and spreading happiness around the realm. Under the guidance of a new God, they learned and were taught the ways of the good, and they totally dedicatd themselves to spreading peace and happiness throughout the realm. They were given a new leader, Rachel, who is a kind and loving woman.She is totally devted to helping others and protecting her followers. They changed changed their entire being, devoting themselves to helping others. They changed their name to Angels, and the remnants of Ravage were totally destroyed. Today, the Angels can be seen helping others, and spreading happiness. They are devoted to their God and devoted to showing others the light. They believe that deep prayer and meditation is the key to true happiness, as well as doing everything that they can for others. They are usually seen about Eden, helping out new adventurers and trying to show the dark, evil people the ways of the good. Angels follow their God and they fully believe that doing good and walking in their God's footsteps is the key to true happiness. They believe that, at the end of the world, they will be taken to the heavens to live with their God, eternally. Angels do not attack others, however, they will fight back in defense when they are attacked.


Rules for all members of Angels

1.) All members are expected to go out of their way to help others.

2.) You may not attack others out of spite. If there is a problem, speak with a higher ranking member before taking matters into your own hands.

3.) If you are requested to do anything that you feel is not the within the proper actions of an Angel, always ask first.

4.) All members are expected to follow any orders set forth from a higher ranking officer. Ignorance of a request is terms for expulsion or demotion.

5.) Always put forth a good example, remember, others are watching you. You are expected to act as an Angel at all times. This includes no swearing, no stealing, and no trickery. Speaking out agains the Angels is terms for expulsion.